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Bihar Elections: Constitution, representation and security on the Muslim voter’s mind

Which alliance/party in the fray in the upcoming assembly elections in Bihar is likely to get the backing of the Muslims? Most probably that which prioritizes preserving and protecting the Constitution of India and giving the community a fair share in employment opportunities and in the political leadership, finds Hussain Tabish

Muslims, who form about 17 per cent of the population of Bihar, are not at all in two minds as far as the upcoming Assembly elections in the state are concerned. This is true of both the Ashrafs and the Pasmandas. They don’t hesitate for a moment before articulating their demands and expectations. Importantly, the Muslims of Bihar are no longer tied to the traditional issues like promotion of Urdu, establishment of more madrasas, building of boundary walls around burial grounds, protecting Waqf properties and so on. They are keen on protecting their Constitutional rights and securing a fair representation in the corridors of power. Livelihood, education, health, transparent and accountable governance and development are also major election issues for them – just like they are for the members of other religious communities.

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Hussain Tabish is a Bihar-based senior independent journalist

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