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Prakash Ambedkar: ‘As long as there is the Constitution, there will be reservations’

If the Supreme Court judges don’t maintain the dignity and decorum of the institution, the people will raise their voice against them, says Prakash Ambedkar

On 19 March, while hearing a plea on reservation for Marathas, the Supreme Court raised concerns over the “resultant inequality” if the 50 per cent cap was removed and asked, “For how many generations the reservations will continue?” This comment has triggered a national debate and the Supreme Court is in the line of fire. Prakash Ambedkar, chief of Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi, talked to Nawal Kishore Kumar over the phone on the matter. Edited excerpts of the conversation:

The Supreme Court has asked the government how many generations the reservations will continue for. Your reaction? 

It is unfortunate that the Supreme Court is asking such questions. Just three days ago, the Supreme Court, in a case related to reservation for OBCs, ruled that the provision for reservations for SCs and STs was an integral part of the Constitution and could not be done away with. However, it didn’t comment on reservations for the OBCs being constitutional. We believe that the top court still enjoys the respect of the people …

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