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Remembering Mithavadi Krishnan and his multi-pronged socio-cultural intervention in Kerala

Advocate Krishnan took advantage of the opportunities provided by his English education and the colonial legal system to liberate his fellow Untouchables. Like Phule and Ambedkar, he argued that liberation from caste slavery and social bondage should precede political deliverance from the British Raj, writes Ajay S. Sekher

Mithavadi Krishnan (11 June 1867 – 29 November 1938)

Changaram Komarath Krishnan was one of the pioneers of the press and social change in Kerala. A leading disciple of Narayana Guru and a comrade of Sahodaran Ayyappan in their lifelong struggles against social inequality and caste, Krishnan was born into a well-educated Thiyya family on 11 June 1867 in Mullassery, near Guruvayur. He was a High Court lawyer, a journalist, an editor, a banker, a social revolutionary, a rationalist, Neo-Buddhist thinker and more.

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About The Author

Dr Ajay S. Sekher

Dr Ajay S. Sekher is an assistant professor in the Department of English, SS University of Sanskrit, Kalady, Kerala. He is the author of ‘Sahodaran Ayyappan: Towards a Democratic Future’ and more recently of ‘Putan Keralam’, a book in Malayalam on the Buddhist foundation of Kerala culture and civilization

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