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A majority of communities of the country have been victims of exploitation and oppression that is not only social and economic but also cultural. The dominant Manuvadi culture has tried to destroy their traditions and festivals. It has belittled and, in many cases, villainized their heroes. With more and more people receiving education, these communities are gradually awakening and digging up their lost traditions and heroes. The objective behind this Bahujan Calendar is to aid in this excavation of sorts.

The majority of Indians have been victims of exploitation and oppression, not only of the social and economic kind but also cultural. The dominant Manuvadi culture has tried to destroy their traditions and festivals. It has belittled and, in many cases, villainized their heroes. With more and more of them receiving education, their communities are gradually becoming aware and digging up their lost traditions and heroes. The objective behind this Bahujan Calendar is to aid in this excavation of sorts. Your suggestions are welcome. If you would like to add a name or an occasion to the calendar, please post a comment with your arguments. The Forward Press editorial team will make the additions you suggest if they find merit in your arguments.


 Bahujan calendar

Savitribai Phule

Savitribai Phule


1 January 1818Battle of Bhima Koregaon
3 January 1831Savitribai Phule jayanti (‘Education for All’ Day)
13 January 1874Tilka Manjhi martyrdom day
24 January 1924Karpuri Thakur jayanti
26 January 1950Constitution of India implemented


2 February 1922Jagdeo Prasad jayanti
11 February 1750Tilka Manjhi jayanti
21 February 1950Draft of the Constitution of India presented by Dr Ambedkar
22 February 1377Ravidas jayanti
23 February 1873Sant Gadge Jayanti


10 March 1997Savitribai Phule’s death anniversary
15 March 1934Kanshi Ram jayanti
23 March 1931Bhagat Singh martyrdom
23 March 1910Ram Manohar Lohia jayanti
Jotiba Phule- B.R. Ambedkar

Jotiba Phule and B.R. Ambedkar


4 April 1890Jhalkaribai martyrdom day
5 April 1908Babu Jagjivan Ram jayanti
11 April 1827Mahatma Jotiba Phule jayanti
11 April 1943Lal Singh Dil Jayanti
14 April 1891Dr B.R. Ambedkar jayanti
Chaitya Shukla Asthami (Vikram Sambat calendar)Samrat Ashoka jayanti
(It usually falls in the month of April but the day keeps changing from year to year)


1 MayInternational Labour Day
buddha Purnima
(May 1879)
Swami Achhutanand Jayanti
11 May 1952Bhikkhu Bodhanand’s death anniversary
Birsa Munda

Birsa Munda


1 June 1873Phule’s Book Gulamgiri published
9 June 1900Birsa Munda’s death anniversary
Shukla Pakshya Purnima, in the second month (Jeth) of the Vikram Sambat calendarKabir jayanti (It usually falls in June but the day changes from year to year)
26 June 1874Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj jayanti
30  June 1855Hul Diwas
(Sidhu-Kanhu’s martyrdom day)


10 July 1971Bhikhari Thakur’s death anniversary
22 July 1933Swami Achhutanand’s death anniversary
26 July 1902Reservation Day


9 AugustWorld Indigenous Peoples’ Day
14 August 2007Lal Singh Dil’s death anniversary
15 August 1947Independence Day
20 August 1856Narayan Guru jayanti
22 August 1923Ramswarup Verma jayanti
Periyar EV Ramaswami

Periyar E.V. Ramasamy


11 September 1957Thiyaki Immanuvel Sekaran’s death anniversary
17 September 1879Periyar jayanti
20 September 1928Narayan Guru’s death anniversary
24 September 1873Satya Sodhak Samaj established
27 September 1907Bhagat Singh jayanti


9 October 2006Kanshi Ram’s death anniversary
9 October 1924Thiyaki Immanuvel Sekaran Jayanti
14 October 1956Dr Ambedkar’s conversion day (Dhamma Chakra Pravartan Din)
25 OctoberMahishasur day


15 November 1875Birsa Munda jayanti
20 November 1923RL Chandapuri Jayanti
22 November 1830Jhalkaribai jayanti
28 November 1890Jotiba Phule’s death anniversary
Govind Guru

Govind Guru


4 December 1889Tantya Bhil martyrdom
6 December 1956Dr Ambedkar’s death anniversary
18 December 1887Bhikhari Thakur jayanti
20 December 1858Govind Guru Jayanti
20 December 1956Sant Gadge’s death anniversary
21 December 1982Anuplal Mandal’s death anniversary
24 December 1973Periyar’s death anniversary
25 December 1927Manusmriti burning day


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