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About The Author

Lalan Prasad Singh

Dr Lalan Prasad Singh is a novelist and a literary critic. His books on criticism include ‘Muktibodh Aur Unka Sahitya’ (2007), ‘Pragativadi Aalochana: Vividh Aayam’ (2011), ‘Aalochana: Sandharv Marxvad’ (2012), ‘Aalochana ki Marxvadi Parampara’ (2014). Dr Singh has also written popular novels, including ‘Aalha Oodal: Prem Aur Yudh’ (2011), ‘A Bloomed Woman’ (2013), ‘Samandar Sukhta Nahi, Ek Gharane ki Bahu’, ‘Jhil ke Kinarey’ and ‘Stone Breaker’.

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