Asurs of Chhota Nagpur

The fast-shrinking Asur community is a matter of great concern. At stake are the rights of an ancient people as mining companies dig up their land and push them further into the margins. But we were also witness to a defiant Asur culture

Chasing political stories day in, day out had turned me into a robot. That was what being the coordinating editor of a newspaper with limited resources entailed. I was working for Tarun Mitra in Patna. Then, one day, I received a call from Pramod Ranjan, the editor of Forward Press, Delhi. “Will you come along to meet the Asurs?”

At the most I could spare two days. But I needed to shed my robot-ness for a while. “When do we leave?”, I asked. On 1 November 2015, Pramod arrived in Ranchi from Delhi. I was supposed to reach Ranchi from Patna by train. But I worked till late in the night and missed the Patna-Ranchi Jan Shatabdi scheduled to leave early next morning. I ended up boarding a bus.

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