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Significance of myths in Phule-Ambedkarism

Our myths empower us. It was Jotirao Phule who first noted the importance of Bahujan myths in his treatise ‘Gulamgiri’. Later, Ambedkar too wrote at length on the subject. These myths have assumed greater significance in the second decade of the 21st century, explains Kanwal Bharti

It is indeed ironic that we are still not seized of the fact that besides the Right and the Left streams of criticism and discourse, there also exists a third stream called the Bahujan stream. The Left is a recent ideological stream, whereas both the material and metaphysical ideological streams have existed in India since ancient times. We may also call them Vedic and non-Vedic schools of thought. From this perspective, the Left-stream would be the third stream. But today, while both the Right and Left streams are widely recognized, the Bahujan stream is acclaimed as the third stream. This third stream is neither against religion nor fearful of it. It is not even against the Right or the Left.

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Kanwal bharti

Kanwal Bharti (born February 1953) is a progressive Ambedkarite thinker and one of the most talked-about and active contemporary writers. Dalit Sahitya Kee Avdharna and Swami Achootanand Harihar Sanchayita are his key books. He was conferred with Dr Ambedkar Rashtriya Award in 1996 and Bhimratna Puraskar in 2001