Horrific starvation amid claims of a growing economy

India has a long history of politicians brandishing figures to prove that the country is prospering. The office-bearers of the present government are no different. If they are to be believed, India is competing with the developed nations of the world. Yet, we are 103rd in the Global Hunger Index. Forward Press reports

On 14 October 2018, just two days before the World Food Day, the Global Hunger Index was released. It shows that India is just three places above Pakistan in the rankings of countries based on food security. This may make the “nationalists” happy but when we find that Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Nepal are better placed than us, we may ask ourselves what we should make of the four years of “development”. Sri Lanka is at the 67th position in the index, Myanmar at 68th, Bangladesh at 86th and Nepal at 72nd.

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