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N.K. Nanda: Bihar’s large farmers are feudal, they regard farming as menial

Jats and the Sikhs are different from the farmers of Bihar. The big farmers of Bihar are feudal and consider farming a lowly job. In Punjab, even large landowners work the fields, N.K. Nanda, a former Bihar MLA, tells Nawal Kishore Kumar

For more than three months now, farmers have been agitating on the borders of Delhi. Their movement has been expanding to Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and other states through Kisan Mahapanchayats. The farmers of Bihar, however, seem to be unmoved. Why is it so? Former Bihar CPI (ML) MLA N. K. Nanda goes into the reasons during a conversation with Nawal Kishore Kumar. Edited excerpts: 

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Nawal Kishore Kumar is Editor (Hindi), Forward Press

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