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‘Mahishasur: Mithak Va Paramparayen’ published

Mahishasur: Mithak Va Paramparayen, the keenly awaited title from Forward Press Books, has been released. The first of its kind, the book traces the origins of myths related to Mahishasur and enunciates the ideology of the Mahishasur Movement. It also boasts anthropological studies of the Asur tribe and articles that detail the present condition of the community

NEW DELHI, 11 December 2017: Forward Press Books’ keenly awaited book Mahishasur: Mithak Va Paramparayen (Mahishasur): Myth and Traditions) has been released. The book delves deep into the myths and traditions associated with Mahishasur in Bahujan society, as well as the myths found in the Puranas and those woven in modern times. The book, edited by Pramod Ranjan, Forward Press’ managing editor, explains in detail the ideology behind the observance of Mahishasur Martyrdom/Remembrance Day and answers all the questions raised on the issue. It also highlights the anthropological studies on Asurs – a primitive tribe of India – and their present pitiable condition.

The print edition of the book is available on Amazon, Flipkart and other e-commerce sites. It can also be bought as an e-book on Amazon (Kindle).

Interspersed with many rare photos, the book has been dedicated to Acharya Motiravan Kangali and Tirumay Chandralekha Kangali, the pioneering researchers on tribal culture.


The 360-page book comprises following sections and chapters:

Preface Author
Mahishasur Se Sambandhit Paramaparon Aur Andolan Ke Nihitarth (Implications of the traditions and movements related to Mahishasur)Pramod Ranjan
Section I (Travelogues)
Mahoba Mein Mahishasur (Mahishasur in Mahoba)Pramod Ranjan
Chhotanagpur Ke Asur (The Asurs of Chhotanagpur)Nawal Kishore Kumar
Rajasthan Se Karnataka Via Maharashtra: Talash Mahishasur Ki (Rajasthan to Karnataka via Maharashtra: On the trail of Mahishasur)Anil Varghese
Section II (Myths and Traditions)
Gondi Punem Darshan Aur Mahishasur (The Gond Punem philosophy and Mahishasur)Sanjay Jothe
Hamara Mahishasur Diwas (Our Mahishasur Day)Sushma Asur
Durgasaptashati Ka Asur Path (Asur rendition of Durga Saptashati)Ashwini Kumar Pankaj
Mahishasur: Ek Punarkhoj (Reclaiming Mahishasur)Gauri Lankesh
Karnataka Ki Bouddha Parampara Aur Mahish (Karnataka’s Buddhist Tradition and Mahisha)B.P. Mahesh Chandra Guru
Adivasi Devi Chamunda Aur Mahishasur (Adivasi Goddess Chamunda and Mahishasur)Cynthia Stephen
Bihar Mein Asur Paramparayen (Asur traditions in Bihar)Naval Kishore Kumar
Chhak Kar Sharab Peete The Devi-Devta (What the gods drank)D.N. Jha
Dr Ambedkar Aur Asur (Dr Ambedkar and Asurs)Dr Siddharth
Section III (Whose movement and for whom)
Mahishasur Andolan Ki Saiddhantiki: Ek Sanrachnatmak Vishleshan (Conceptualization of Mahishasur Movement: A Structural Analysis) Anil Kumar
Sanskriti Ka Abrahmanikaran: Barasta Mahishasur Andolan (Debrahmanization of Culture through the Mahishasur Movement)Om Prakash Kashyap
‘Bharat Mata’ Aur Uski Bagavati Betiyan (Bharat Mata and her Unruly Daughters)Nivedita Menon
Pasmanda Musalman Aur Mahishasur Shahadat Diwas (Pasmanda Muslims and Mahishasur Martyrdom Day)Noor Zaheer
Section IV (Asurs: Culture and Present State)
Asuron Ka Jivanotsav (The Asur Way of Celebrating Life)Suresh Jagannatham
Shaapit Asur: Soshan Ka Rajnaitik Arthshastra (Cursed Asur: The Political Economy of Exploitation)Vikas Dubey
Kaun Hain Vedon Ke Asur? (Who are the Asurs of the Vedas?)Kumar Mukul
(Section V: Literature)
Jotirao Phule Ki Prarthana (The Prayer of Jotirao Phule)Jotirao Phule
Sambhaji Bhagat Ka Geet (The Songs of Sambhaji Bhagat)Sambhaji Bhagat
Chhajjulal Silana Ki Ragini (Chhajjulal Silana’s Raginis)Chhajjulal Silana
Kanwal Bharati Ki Kavitayein (Kanwal Bharti’s Poems)Kanwal Bharati
Ramnika Gupta Ki Kavitayein (Ramnika Gupta’s Poems)Ramnika Gupta
Vinod Kumar Ki Kavita (Vinod Kumar’s poems)Vinod Kumar
Play: AsurpriyaSanjeev Chandan
(Section VI: Appendix)
Mahishasur Diwas Se Sambhandit Tathya (Facts pertaining to Mahishasur Day)
About the contributors

Some highlights of the book

  • Mahishasur: Ek Jannayak (Editor: Pramod Ranjan, June 2016) was well received. This book revolves around the Mahishasur Martyrdom Day. This new book (Mahishasur: Mithak Va Paramparayen) includes researched articles on tales and traditions associated with Mahishasur.
  • Material on Bahujan culture is rare and that is why few authors write on the topic. No wonder then the compilation of the book Mahishasur: Mithak Va Paramparayen was a painstaking endeavour. It was six years in the making. The editor and the contributors travelled to different parts of the country to dig up traditions related to Mahishasur and discover how they differed from region to region.

  • The book includes some rare photos related to Mahishasur traditions in different parts of the country.
  • A new, updated (second) edition of Mahishasur: Ek Jannayak is also available. Those interested in the topic should read both the books.
  • Mahishasur: Ek Jannayak (first edition) has also been published in English under the title Mahishasur: A People’s Hero. The English edition of Mahishasur: Mithak Va Paramparayen is under publication.
  • FORWARD Press promotes e-books as part of its Green World campaign. Our e-books are available at much lower prices compared to the corresponding print editions. We encourage you to read our e-books wherever possible.

Price and how to order

The print edition of Mahishasur: Mithak Va Paramparayen is priced at Rs 350 (paperback) and Rs 850 (hardback). The e-book is priced at Rs 250.

Book TitleEditionPriceURL
Mahishasur: Mithak Va ParamparayenE-bookRs 250https://www.amazon.in/dp/B077XZ863F
Mahishasur: Mithak Va Paramparayen PaperbackRs 350https://www.amazon.in/dp/8193561651
Mahishasur: Mithak Va ParamparayenHardbackRs 850https://www.amazon.in/dp/819356166X
Mahishasur: Ek JannayakE-bookRs 118https://www.amazon.in/dp/B06XGBK1NC
Mahishasur: Ek JannayakPaperbackRs 150https://www.amazon.in/dp/819325841X
Mahishasur: Ek JannayakHardbackRs 300
Mahishasur: A People’s HeroE-bookRs 118https://www.amazon.in/dp/B072JV4X77
Mahishasur: A People’s Hero PaperbackRs 150https://www.amazon.in/dp/8193258444
Mahishasur: A People’s HeroHardbackRs 300

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The titles from Forward Press Books are also available on Kindle and these e-books cost less than their print versions. Browse and buy:

Mahishasur: A people’s hero

The Common Man Speaks Out

Mahishasur: Mithak Va Paramparayen

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