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P.S. Krishnan: A bureaucrat committed to social justice

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P.S. Krishnan tells the post-Independence history of social justice: Part I   

(P.S. Krishnan is among a handful of bureaucrats in the Indian government who have committedly pursued the interests of the deprived sections of society. He is in a way a living document of social justice in post-Independence India. He retired a couple of decades ago but continued to be part of government committees and take up advisory roles. He also shared his experiences with Vasanthi Devi, a former vice-chancellor of Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tamil Nadu, and their conversation took the form of the book A Crusade for Social Justice: Conversations with P.S. Krishnan. It essentially the history of social justice in post-Independence India. Forward Press will be bringing out the Hindi edition of the book. Before publishing the book, we will be serializing parts of the book on our website. – Editor)

P.S. Krishnan

Vasanthi Devi

Some are born with an obsession; some develop one early in life and then the obsession possesses them and drives them all their lives. The cause and the crusader often become indistinguishable, the triumphs and also setbacks of the cause mark the milestones in the crusader’s life. This book is both a salutation to the crusader and a reaffirmation of the cause.

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About The Author

Vasanthi Devi

V. Vasanthi Devi is former vice-chancellor, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tamil Nadu. She interviewed P.S. Krishnan for the book on his life and works titled ‘A Crusade for Social Justice: Bending Governance Towards the Deprived’