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Looking back at what Eleanor Zelliot wrote about Ambedkar

In her pioneering research on Ambedkar’s activism and politics, Eleanor Zelliot did a fine job of gleaning the various facets. However, the ‘Mahar Movement’, as she refers to Ambedkar’s movement, is a restrictive misnomer, writes Yashwant Zagade

Based on her PhD dissertation that she wrote in the late 1960s, Eleanor Zelliot’s Ambedkar’s World: The Making of Babasaheb and the Dalit Movement offers us a detailed account of Ambedkar’s life and Dalit movement from a historian’s perspective. It stands as seminal because this was the first academic research carried out on the Dalit Movement after the passing of Babasaheb. The history of the movement also became accessible to a global readership because it was written in simple, lucid English.

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Yashwant Zagade

Yashwant Zagade is a PhD scholar at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai