Youngsters of all castes! Shun pettiness

Famous Hindi author Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’ says that those who consider their caste to be superior and that of others inferior are petty-minded. In a letter to Ramsagar Chaudhary, he gives expression to his distress over casteism

Dear Shri Ramsagar Chaudhary,

I don’t know you personally but your letter dated 28.2.61 saddened me. It is shameful that the youth of Bihar are stooping so low.

Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’

I am not a casteist but still, many persons riled against me and, as you have written, say filthy things about me. But still, I would not turn a casteist. If I was born in a Bhumihar family or if you were born in one, we had no role it. Similarly, those who are born in other castes also did not do so out of their wish. They have no control over which caste they are born into. But what we have control over is our attitude. Even if we are Bhumihars, we should not think that only Bhumihars are repositories of all the qualities. A person who believes that members of his caste are good and those of the other castes are bad are petty-minded.

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