Will Brahmins take it upon themselves to annihilate caste?

‘Yes, we declare that the books, from the Vedas, to the Smritis, the Puranas, which propagate the caste system are false and against humanity. Yes, we are for equality; we declare that all humans, all castes are equal’ – will Brahmins collectively say this? Asks Nagesh Chaudhary

The creators of caste should be able to annihilate caste, too. If the maker of a product finds that the product is poisonous, he himself can destroy that product and stop manufacturing it altogether.

Thus, if the creators of the caste system realize that it is poisonous, inhuman and anti-progress they should come forward and declare that caste system is wrong. In India, Brahmins of the Vedic period sowed the seeds of Varna-caste system. Ever since, over the millennia, they have been the dogmatic propagators and implementers of the caste system. They have scrupulously and zealously protected the caste hierarchy. Now, if they realize that all of that was a mistake, they can put out a declaration: “We condemn the caste division, caste hierarchy. We condemn the idea that caste is created by God.”

Today, the notion among the masses, both uneducated and educated, is that God himself created the caste system. Here, Brahmins can put an end to this false notion by admitting that it is not god but “it is we, Brahmins, who declared ourselves as Gods on Earth or Bhu Deva and made the caste system. We, as a caste, have committed that crime, that sin.”

Brahmins should own up to their mistake – that they are responsible for creating this inhuman caste system, which instils cruelty, violence in a particular caste towards the caste below them. Even today, the Brahmin caste is considered as superior, clever or having merit. Brahmin themselves can dispel this myth, this untruth and declare that people of all castes are equal – there is nothing like intelligent and unintelligent or superior or inferior castes.

Brahmin priests at the Sabrimala Temple in Kerala

If Brahmins collectively speak the truth, the rest of the people will listen to them and accept the truth. The caste pyramid will collapse, ushering in humanity at last. But the problem is that hardly any Brahmins or no Brahmin organization, liberal or progressive, socialist or communist, will ever say that caste system is inhuman, that it is much worse than economic exploitation. The Brahmin socialist or communist will never say that the caste system is worse than the capitalistic exploitation of workers; that it is denial of basic human rights.

What about the RSS?

Today, there is no brahmanical organization bigger than the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). It is getting stronger by the day as the protector of the caste system. Its purpose is to keep the caste system intact. The growing clout of the RSS means that the caste system is becoming fortified, strong.

Can RSS change? Can it be compelled to change, made to dissolve? Who can contain, control the RSS? Today, RSS controls the peoples’ minds. It controls even the rulers, the State. Who can compel it to shun its ideology, its formula for a Hindu Rashtra?

No other Brahmin organization, no political party headed by Brahmins are taking a stand against RSS on this point; all left parties are engrossed in the talk of economic exploitation, capitalism, imperialism, but not Brahmanism. The socialists, communists, including Naxalites, are almost mum on this point. No Brahmin groups talk against Brahmanism and Brahmin domination. Yet, we are living in the 21st century.

But we can still hope that this will change. Rational, kind-hearted Brahmins of the new generation may stand up against the caste system. Nothing is impossible – one can hope for this change of heart. “Yes, we want caste system to go, we are for the unity of the people and for progress of the country. Yes, the caste system should be erased from the minds of the people. Yes, we declare that the books from the Vedas, to the Smritis, the Puranas which propagate the caste system are false and against humanity. Yes, we are for equality; we declare that all humans, all castes are equal.”

Only when Brahmins collectively say so, they will be a truly human community. We wait for such noble Brahmins to come out and take oath for treating all people as equal and freeing India from the curse of caste.

Copy-editing: Anil

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