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A wedding in Patna put Bahujan heroes’ thinking into action

The invitation for the wedding of Khushboo and Dinesh Pal, both from an EBC caste, ran into 56 pages. They called it “Jhabba” (Bhojpuri for a bunch of keys). The booklet contained writings of Phule, Ambedkar, Jagdev Prasad, Ramswaroop Verma and Bhagat Singh. Arun Narayan describes this unique ‘intellectual’ wedding

In one night,
You have stolen
All the nights of a woman
Even the nights after her death

(translated from Alok Dhanwa’s poem “Bhagee Huyee Ladkiyan”)

These lines by Alok Dhanwa are a merciless attack on the patriarchal grip on the institution of marriage in our society.  

Solemn desires articulated through literature and art are considered immortal but do they have any impact on society? I am not aware of any research on how literature has influenced society in the Hindi belt. But what I know is that there are some individuals who not only take the written word seriously but also have the courage of translating it into action.

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Arun Narayan

Arun Narayan is a critic who has done research on modern Hindi journalism in Bihar. He has edited the book 'Nepathya ke Nayak' (Pyara Kerketta Foundation, Ranchi).

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