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Obituary: Surajpal Chauhan never wavered from his ideology



विचारधारा पर डटे रहनेवाले विरले साहित्यकार रहे सूरजपाल चौहान

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About The Author


Namdev is a Dalit author, critic and Ambedkarite thinker. He is a professor of Hindi in Kirori Mal College, Delhi University. Among his published works are ‘Bharatiya Musalman: Hindi Upanyas ke Aine Mein’, ‘Dalit Chetna aur Stri Vimarsh’, ‘Jotiba Phule: Samajik Kranti ke Agradut’, ‘Paryavaran Pradushan: Samaj, Sahitya aur Sanskriti’, ‘Aalochana ki Tisri Parampara aur Dr Jaiprakash Kardam’, ‘Stri Swar: Atit aur Vartman’, ‘Chhappar ki Duniya: Mulyankan aur Avdan’, ‘Sajhedari ke Paksha Mein Hindi Katha Sahitya’ and ‘Na Samjhe Jane ka Dard’ (poetry collection).

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