Dalitbahujans grieve Father Stan Swamy’s death

“In India, those working for the Dalits and Adivasis are not allowed to live. You will find many a Dalit-Adivasi leader in the country but few are ready to lay down their lives for the cause of these peoples. These few leaders are an eyesore for the ruling classes. ” This is how Anil Chamadia and other Dalitbahujan intellectuals reacted to Father Stan Swamy’s death

Father Stan Swamy passed away on 5 July 2021. Fingers are being pointed at the Government of India and the judiciary for his death in judicial custody.

Stan Swamy was suffering from Parkinson’s, because of which he could not even hold a glass of water in his hands. Besides, he was hard of hearing. He had had many bad falls in jail. Having been operated for hernia twice, he was also suffering from lower abdominal pain. 

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