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Cities let down Dalitbahujans – Phule and Ambedkar’s dream BETRAYED!
Are some other forces not allowing the oppressed and exploited sections to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by urbanization?
Bahujan discourse puts JNU in the crosshairs
The Panchjanya article and the report of the intelligence department have uncanny similarities. Both smack of a conspiracy to associate students’ organizations of Bahujan ideology with extremist leftist organizations
Understand India, Modi ji
Please note the “vishwa” in the word “Vishwavidhyalaya”. Do you want to convert them into Saraswati Shishu Mandirs? Universities discuss problems and issues confronting the whole human race. Don’t try to make them schools of...
Feminist Phule
Jotiba’s first taught his wife Savitribai to read and write. When he took the battle outside his home, he realized that “To educate women and to cultivate their intelligence, to give them respect that they...
Violent Brahmanization of Mahabali’s own country
The broken granite Buddha sculpture identified in Pattanam in 2012 testifies to the fascist violence that is perpetrated...
Data under guard
Numbers don’t lie. The numbers in question will reveal the extent of the minority upper castes’ control over...
Ambedkar vs Gandhi: Machinery – boon or bane?
How Ambedkar dismantled Gandhi’s naïve idea of a machine-free society
Ambedkar: An Empathetic Economist
As he proposed laws for an India in the making, the plight of the landless and the working...
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