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From the horse’s mouth: J.V. Pawar chronicles history of Dalit Panther

Raja Dhale and Namdeo Dhasal have laid excessive emphasis on their own roles in their accounts of the history of Dalit Panther and lacked truthfulness in some of their narrations. On the other hand, J.V. Pawar has been self-critical and has acknowledged his mistakes. Harnam Singh Verma reviews Dalit Panthers: An Authoritative History by JV Pawar:

Arranged in very short 50 chapters, Dalit Panthers:  Authoritative History is a book that tells the tale of Dalit Panthers by Pawar, someone who was its general secretary and pivotal organizer of all Dalit Panther actions, and who kept meticulous records of Dalit Panther events. These 50 chapters are also not very long as is the case with the celebrated historical treatises of noted Indian and foreign historians.

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Harnam Singh Verma

Harnam Singh Verma is a sociologist-planner. He assisted the Government of Uttar Pradesh in the Indra Sawhney case. He was the member of: Uttar Pradesh Creamy Layer Committee, Uttar Pradesh Percentage Fixation Committee, Uttar Pradesh State Commission for Backward Classes; working group of the erstwhile Planning Commission on ‘Empowerment of the OBCs for the Xth FYP’; and the Assessment and Monitoring Authority of the Planning Commission. He has also been an organization design/redesign consultant to a number of World Bank, UNICEF, UNESCO projects. He has authored/edited three books on the OBCs.