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Nakshatra Malakar – who was banished into anonymity

Born in the Mali caste, Nakshatra Malakar was described as ‘a notorious communist,’ ‘dacoit’ and ‘Robin Hood’ in the official records of the British government and the native rulers. Before Independence, he fought bloody battles with the British and the oppressive feudal. Moreover, he had to spend 14 years in jail in Independent India, writes Arun Narayan

Eternal rebel: Nakshatra Malakar

(9 October 1905 – 27 December 1987)

Those who build bridges

will, as a rule,

be left behind

the armies will cross over

The Ravans will be killed

The Rams will be victorious

and the builders?

They will be known as monkeys in history


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लेखक के बारे में

अरुण नारायण

हिंदी आलोचक अरुण नारायण ने बिहार की आधुनिक पत्रकारिता पर शोध किया है। इनकी प्रकाशित कृतियों में 'नेपथ्य के नायक' (संपादन, प्रकाशक प्यारा केरकेट्टा फाउंडेशन, रांची) है।

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