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P. S. Krishnan – a friend of Bahujans

P. S. Krishnan, a former secretary to the Government of India, has worked on many laws and projects for the welfare of the Bahujans, whether it is the draft report of the Mandal Commission or the Bill that became the SC-ST Act. Dalit writer Mohandas Nemishrai remembers his interactions with Krishnan

P. S. Krishnan: “One who has even a small piece of land is the king and one who doesn’t, is a slave.”

The 1990s was a decade of political turbulence in India. During that period, efforts to push the Dalits – who were trying to put themselves centre stage – back to the margins of society had begun. The decade also saw the Bahujans uniting to take on the casteists. It was in the 1990s that the government put together a committee to organize the celebrations of the birth centenary of Babasaheb Ambedkar. The person who drew the contours of the committee and the celebrations was P. S. Krishnan. He played an essential role in the constitution of the committee, which included people committed to the Dalit cause. Despite being a member of the bureaucracy, Krishnan had close ties with the common man and consistently tried to solve their problems. An IAS officer, Krishnan joined the Union Home Ministry in 1978.

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लेखक के बारे में

मोहनदास नैमिश्यराय

चर्चित दलित पत्रिका 'बयान’ के संपादक मोहनदास नैमिश्यराय की गिनती चोटी के दलित साहित्यकारों में होती है। उन्होंने कविता, कहानी और उपन्यास के अतिरिक्त अनेक आलोचना पुस्तकें भी लिखी।

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